Soil fertility and its organic functions are maintained and bolstered each year by rotating durum wheats and pulses, ameliorative crops par excellence. Their roots capture nitrogen in the air and turn it into organic substances, thanks to the presence of certain microorganisms, in symbiotic coexistence with the plant's root structure, thus guaranteeing optimal production. The burial of crop residues encourages the mobilisation of low-mobility mineral elements such as phosphorous and potassium.



In line with a desire to rediscover traditional crops of Puglia, Viscanti privileges the farming of autochthonous Alta Murgia pulse varieties, including the Altamura lentil, distinctively larger compared to more commonly known varieties and a colour tending towards green; white and black chickpeas characterised by an irregular shape and coarser surface compared to classic varieties; and grass pea, ancient pulses of farming tradition, previously used to replace more elaborate foods.

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